cedar services

Knowing what service you’re looking for can be confusing. Here is a rundown of what you can expect from all our services! If you’re still not sure what you want or think it falls under a color correction, shoot us an email or call the studio! 

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Womens/mens haircut

Includes shampoo, full haircut and blow-dry style

Nape/bang trim

15 minute appointment to trim bangs or clean up hairline and around the ears


A shampoo with whatever simple style you are looking for- straight, round brushed or curled. If you are looking for something more, call the salon to book so we make sure we have ample time to accommodate you.

Retouch color

Application of color at only the root- only applies to hair that is one color (not a highlight retouch!)

All over color

Application of one color roots to ends

Partial highlight

Foils through the crown, sides and top of head (can also be for a retouch of highlights)

Full highlight

Foils throughout all of hair

Partial balayage

Hand painted highlights through the crown, sides and top of head

Full balayage

Hand painted highlights throughout all of hair

Combo color/highlight

Highlight service with either a retouch or allover color in between (includes retouch color with balayage)


A simple adjustment of tone or for added shine, typically booked with a shampoo/style

Color correction/fashion colors

Call to book a free consultation!

*If you feel you have more hair than the average person, please call the salon before booking so we make sure we have ample time to accommodate you.