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Madison originally hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, but in 2016, she and her family made the decision to relocate to Colorado. While Cincinnati held a special place in their hearts, Colorado had always been a destination they cherished visiting.

Madison pursued her cosmetology education at the Aveda Institute of Denver, a prestigious institution renowned for its excellence in the beauty industry, Graduating in January 2024. She finds genuine fulfillment in several aspects of her work as a stylist, with a particular fondness for crafting blunt bobs, providing relaxing head massages, and perfecting styling to complement a well-executed haircut.

Madison's ideal client is someone who values open communication and trusts in the expertise of their stylist. They are willing to share their hair needs and preferences openly, allowing Madison to tailor her services to meet their expectations effectively. More importantly, Madison strives to create a safe and welcoming environment where her clients feel heard, understood, and respected during their time in her chair. She fosters a friendly and supportive atmosphere, where clients can relax and enjoy their salon experience fully. Beyond hair care, Madison enjoys connecting with her clients on a personal level, whether through conversations about music, sharing funny life events, or simply providing a calm and comforting presence when needed. Ultimately, Madison wants her clients to feel like they're among friends, building meaningful relationships that extend beyond the salon.

Outside of work, Madison finds joy in a variety of activities with her family. She relishes spending quality time outdoors, whether it's chasing her son around the park or enjoying leisurely strolls with her husband. Madison also enjoys exploring new culinary experiences by trying out different restaurants around town. Additionally, she has a unique fondness for sipping on a "spicy" Diet Coke from a fountain (lol). Madison's son, Chase, brings boundless energy and curiosity to their family, constantly keeping them on their toes. They love experiencing life anew through his eyes, finding joy and wonder in his infectious enthusiasm for the world.

Madison is currently accepting select services and accepting models for her apprenticeship

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