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Emily originally hails from Napa Valley, California, but her heart found its true home in the scenic landscapes of Colorado. The first time she set foot in the state, she was captivated by its beauty and charm, instantly feeling a deep connection as if it were meant to be.

Emily pursued her cosmetology education at Solano Community College in Fairfield, CA, graduating in 2017. She finds immense joy in creating dimensional looks through color, whether it's adding depth to blondes or enhancing brunettes with lighter tones. Her passion lies particularly in blonding techniques such as balayage and highlights, where she excels in crafting seamless, natural-looking blends that enhance her clients' features.

She completed the JZ Styles Extension class, obtaining certification in the technique of weft installation. Clients can trust in her knowledge and proficiency, knowing that she has undergone specialized training to deliver exceptional results in hair extension applications. She's also attended numerous color trainings to bring her clients the latest in blended applications.

Emily's ideal client is characterized by their easy-going nature and preference for low-maintenance hair care, appreciating simplicity and convenience in their hairstyle. They prefer styles that require minimal upkeep, allowing them to visit the salon only a few times a year. Emily's ideal client values quality over quantity and seeks a hairstylist who understands their lifestyle and delivers tailored solutions that align with their preferences and needs.

Outside of work, Emily's life is enriched by her loving family, including her husband Aaron, their baby girl Mia, and their furry companion Stella, a Corgi mix. Her love for the outdoors extends to her passion for hiking, where she seeks out opportunities to bask in the sunshine and explore the scenic trails of Colorado. Most importantly, Emily treasures the precious moments spent with her daughter, prioritizing quality time and creating lasting memories together.

Emily is currently accepting new clients.

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