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Before the enchanting call of Colorado beckoned, Sam's roots were firmly planted in a rural town just south of St. Louis, Missouri. It was there that she honed her skills and passion for hairstyling, culminating in her graduation from Grabber School of Hair and Design in 2017.

Sam is not only a force of nature in her active pursuits but also a skilled stylist with a passion for her craft. Beyond her dynamic lifestyle, she thrives in her cosmetology career, specializing in creating stunning hairstyles that bring her clients' visions to life. Whether it's crafting lived-in blondes, rich redheads, or captivating brunettes, Sam's expertise shines through in her ability to deliver exceptional results. Her true calling lies in cutting, where she excels in creating shaggy, layered styles and embracing the timeless trends of the 60s and 70s. Additionally, Sam takes pride in teaching her clients how to style their cuts, empowering them to maintain their looks with confidence between visits.

Outside of work, Sam is a whirlwind of activity, always on the move and seeking adventure. She finds joy in staying active, whether it's pounding the pavement while training for a marathon, shredding down the slopes while snowboarding, or playing volleyball in a local league in the summer. Sam's love for movement knows no bounds, and she embraces any opportunity to stay busy and energized. However, when it's time to recharge her batteries, she retreats to her herb garden, finding solace in nurturing her plants and connecting with nature, or cuddling with her two kitties Salem and Atticus. And when she's not tending to her garden, Sam enjoys traveling back to Missouri to spend quality time with her parents and brother.

Sam is currently accepting new clients.

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